Price: $109.99
Like the device above, this unit prevents the phones from ringing during incoming calls. The target has no idea that someone is calling, and so they'll miss all of their calls. Answering machines, Fax machines and voice mail also will not activate, but outgoing calls are completely unaffected and go through normally. But with this unit, instead of getting just unanswered ringing, callers to the target phone are diverted to a telephone company disconnect message! ("We're sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service . . .") Just imagine the incredible havoc this could create. The potential consequences of this device being installed on a business telephone line are even more staggering. Installs anywhere along the telephone line; it comes with both a modular plug connector (to fit in standard telephone jacks) and spade-lugs connector for installations in unconventional, difficult-to-find locations. Size: 2.75" x 1" x .75".

These devices are from a group of products which were developed for a special unit of a particular federal agency whose requirements included having capabilities of telephonically-based harassment campaigns which could be quickly and easily implemented as a component of certain covert operations. Some of those products are now offered for non-government sales for the first time. These are unique specialized devices which have few, if any, conventional applications. These are electronic tools for those who require innovative, serious revenge/harassment capabilities, or for those who just have an interest in unusual telephone devices. Designed for use on single-line telephone systems.

WARNING: these devices are to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in compliance with all applicable laws and F.C.C. regulations, which should be consulted prior to connection of any equipment to telephone lines.