EMP Wire Exploder / Blast Art PLAN BY EMAIL  

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Exploding a wire is possible by discharging a large amount of energy into the wire in a very short time period providing a very high peak moment of power. The wire now dissipates the charge energy in the form of heat, light and magnetic energy. A destabilized LCR circuit can be produced by switching the stored energy of a capacitor into a circuit and then interrupting this current with the exploding wire. At some time f(t) the switch fires, now vaporizing the wire and quickly releasing the stored energy. A powerful pulse of magnetic energy can now induce an electric field in a conducting reflector producing and directing a very powerful EMP pulse. The Wire Exploder uses our HEP90 pulser and a capacitor bank of approximately 96mfd at 4.5Kv. The target wire is connected into the “detonation chamber” that protects the observers from flying debris and the intense ultra violet flash. Leads must be kept as short as possible with the insertion of the trigger blocking core shown in the setup instructions mandatory. The wire is attached via all brass hardware using a wing nut and replaceable flat washers to sandwich and hold the wire in place. Washers will need replacing after around ten shots. Many other interesting experiments such as placing a piece of paper or other material with in the explosion sympathetic range and observing the splatter patterns and general damage. Strange designs are often deposited onto the target paper and have been coined “Blast Art”. . HEP9