Electrifying Module Electric Fence PLAN BY EMAIL  

  Price: $5.99
Build your own....Pulsed output. Produces a 20,000 volt 1" open-air spark discharge. On board switch allows selection of a high or low repetition rate of 3 or 30 pulses per second producing a heavy or light spark output respectively. Input and output have wire leads for easy connecting. Intended for discouraging animal pests from invading and raiding garbage cans, bird feeders, gardens and other sensitive areas. Excellent for vehicles and perimeter protection by setting up an electric field. Device as shown will not injure the animal yet will provide an effective electric shock. Operates from internal or external batteries or 115-vac wall adapter transformer. External leads for a power control switch of choice. Ground referenced for easy electrification of insulated conductive objects. Shock is similar to that of an electric fence and is not dangerous to humans yet can produce a painful shock. Ready to use is contained in a weatherproofed 12" x 1-5/8" cylindrical enclosure with internal 8 AA cell battery holder PSHK1 .......... PLAN