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These newly-compiled collections of U.S. military and government manuals are the best and most comprehensive offerings ever made available to the public sector. Not to mention incredible values - complete army field manuals for as little as 14 cents each! Each selection contains carefully selected volumes, and includes the most popular and important titles in each field. Allows for easy viewing, searching, and printing. Requires Windows 95 or newer. (Not compatible with Macs.)

Contains 55 U.S. Government military, law enforcement, and civilian publications covering all aspects of today's HAZMAT CBR (chemical, biological, radiological) threats.

FM3-3 Chemical and Biological Contamination Avoidance
FM3-3-1 Nuclear Contamination Avoidance
FM3-4 NBC Protection
FM3-5 NBC Decontamination
FM3-6 Field Behavior of NBC Agents
FM3-7 NBC Field Handbook
FM3-9 Potential Military Chemical Agents/Compounds
FM3-11.21 Multiservice TTP for NBC Aspects of Consequence Management
FM3-14 NBC Vunerability Analysis
FM3-21 Chemical Accident Containment Control
FM8-284 Treatment of Biological Warfare Agents
FM8-285 Treatment of Chemical Casualities
FM8-9 Handbook on Medical Aspects of NBC Defense Ops
FM8-10-7 Health Service in a NBC Environment
IS0344 ACCP: Use and Maintenance of Protective Masks and Clothing
SP99-2 Medical Management of Radiological Casualties Handbook
SX100-01 Report:Interactions Between Nerve Agent Pretreatment and Drugs Commonly Used in Combat Anesthesia
SX100-06 Report:Pyridostigmine Used as a Nerve Agent Pretreatment Under Wartime Conditions
TB MED296 Assay Techniques for Detection of Exposure to Sulfur Mustard, Cholinesterase Inhibitors, Sarin, Soman, GF and Cyanide
TC3-10 Commanders Tactical NBC Handbook
MMCC-01 Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare
MMCC-11 Medical Management of Chemical Casualties
MMCC-12 Field Management of Chemical Casualties
MMCC-14 Medical Management of Biological Casualties
TG-244 Medical NBC Battle Book
IPWMD Installation Prepardness for Weapons of Mass Destruction: Installation Commanders Blueprint
CBRN-02 Operation and Organizational Concepts for CBR and Nuclear Installation Support Team
MMCBC Medical Mgt.of Chemical & Biological Casualties Course: Field Training Exercise Instructors Guide
MDM NBC and Obscurants Military Decision Making
XA-04 Defense Against Toxin Weapons
CC-01 Chemical Care: Cyanide (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-02 Chemical Care: Incapacitating Agents (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-03 Chemical Care: Nerve Agents (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-04 Chemical Care: Chemcial Warfare Agents: Overview (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-05 Chemical Care: Pulmonary Agents (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-06 Chemical Care: Triage Case Studies (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-07 Chemical Care: Triage and Field Management (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-08 Chemical Care: Vesicants (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-09 Chemical Care: Casualty Decon Layout (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-12 Chemical Care: Personnel Decon Layout (Powerpoint Presentation)
CC-14 Chemical Care: Field Training Exercise (FTX) Instruction Guide

EPC Emergency Prepardness Checklist
FRP Federal Response Plan
NPPE Factsheet:Nuclear Power Plant Emergency
PI Factsheet:Potassium Iodide - FAQs
TER1 Factsheet:Terrorism
F-361 Design Construction Guidance for Community Shelters
RSFDO Remote Sensing in Federal Disaster Ops - SOP (9321.1-PR)
HMS Hazardous Materials Summit: Working Better Together
FEC Field Evaluation of Chemical Protective Suits
SLG101 State and Local Guide (SLG) 101: Guide for all Hazard Emergency Ops Planning
IDTC Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Ops Plan
CWMDS Compendium of Weapons of Mass Destruction Courses]

DODD6015.1-M DOD Glossary of Healthcare Terminology
DODD6050.5G DOD Federal Hazard Communication Training Program Users Guide
DODD6050.5G-1 DOD Federal Hazard Communication Training Program Instructors Guide
DODD6050.5-W DOD Federal Hazard Communication Training Program Student Workbook
DODI2000.16 DOD Combating Terrorism Program Standards
DODD2000.14 DOD Combating Terrorism Program Procedures

ERG 2000 Emergency Response Guidebook - For first responder during the initial phase of incident
ERGSC ERG2000 State Coordinators List
CSL Commercial Suppliers List
CCRT DOJ: The Community Crisis Response Team Training Manual
NCJ DOJ: Responding to Terrorism Victims