Home Security and Law Enforcement Command Pack  

  Price: $169.99
Command Pak is one of a group of accessory items designed to facilitate the employment of chemical devices in the CLEAR OUT weapons system.

Frequently the major deterrent to the rapid deployment of chemical weapons is their inaccessibility to the road patrol supervisor and personnel. Command Pak is designed as a comprehensive assortment of devices of the CLEAR OUT system.

The CLEAR OUT system provides a family of chemical weapons, designed by a team of professional police officers and weapons technicians, which offer practical solutions to many everyday police problems.

The purpose of the Command Pak is to provide the road patrol supervisor, or the individual officer in low manpower areas, with ready access to a diverse selection of chemical weapons. This assortment of devices is designed to contain a suitable chemical weapon for any tactical situation which might arise short of multiple armed barricaded subjects or a major civil disturbance.

The Command Pak is a black ballistic nylon carrying case with double zipper closing, internally it is fitted with Velcro straps for weapon retention and a pocket for "Chemical Use Forms"

The kit is intentionally designed to provide space for the user inclusion of two 5 packs of 12 gauge "ferret type" rounds. Externally, Command Pak is fitted with a 42 inch (1050 mm) adjustable nylon strap with a "D" ring and spring closed clip.

The Command Pak contains:

Three CLEAR OUT Grenades

One CLEAR OUT Keyholer

One CLEAR OUT Auto-Ejector