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Contains 60 publications covering all aspects of military operations on urban terrain, including attack planning, combat logistics, terrain analysis, weapon effects and employment, demolitions, etc.

AFDD2-3 Air Force Doctrine for MOOTW
CGSC COURSE Urban Warfare/Mout Course Guide and Materials (Lessons 1-7)
FM1-112 Attack Helicopter Operations,02APR97
FM3-6 Field Behavior of NBC Agents,03NOV86
FM3-34.230 Topographic Operations,03AUG2000
FM5-33 Terrain Analysis,11JUL90
FM5-101 Mobility,23JAN85
FM5-102 Counter-Mobility,14MAR85
FM5-103 Survivability,10JUN85
FM7-7J Mechanized Infantry Platoon and Squad (Bradley),07MAY93
FM7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad,22APR92
FM7-10 The Infantry Rifle Company,14DEC90
FM7-20 The Infantry Battalion,06APR92
FM7-98 Operations in a Low Intensity Conflict,19OCT92
FM19-10 Military Police Law and Order Ops,
FM19-15 Civil Disturbances
FM19-30 Physical Security,
FM19-40 Enemy POW,Civilian Internees & Detained Persons,27FEB76
FM20-3 Camouflage,14NOV90
FM20-32 Mine/Countermine Operations,
FM21-10 Field Hygiene and Sanitation,22NOV88
FM21-11 First Aid for Soldiers,27OCT88
FM21-26 Map Reading and Land Navigation,07MAY93
FM21-60 Visual Signals,30SEP87
FM21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier,03AUG84
FM21-76 Survival,Evasion & Escape
FM21-76-1 Survival,Escape & Recovery
FM23-10 Sniper Training
FM27-10 The Law of Land Warfare,18JUL56
FM34-130 Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield,
FM71-1 Tank and Mechanized Infantry and Company Team,22NOV88
FM71-2 Tank and Mechanized Infantry Battalion Task Force,27SEP88
FM90-7 Combined Arms Obstacle Integration, 29SEP94
FM90-10/MCWP3-35.3 Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)
FM90-10-1 Guide to Combat in Built Up Areas
FM100-5 Operations,14JUN93
FM100-8 The Army in Multinational Operations,24NOV97
FM100-10 Combat Service Support,03OCT95
FM100-19/FMFM7-10 Domestic Support Operations,
FM100-20 Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict,05SEP90
FM100-23 Peace Operations,
FM100-23-1/FMFRP7-16 MSP for Humaritarian Assistance Ops
FM101-5 Staff Organization and Operations,31MAY97
JP3-07 Joint Doctrine for MOOTW
MOUT SOP MOUT SOP-Fundamentals of Close Quarter Combat
MCDP3 Expeditionary Operations,
MCRP3-11.1A Commander's Tactical Handbook
MCWP2-15.3 Ground Reconnaissance,
MCWP2-15.3B Reconnaissance Reports Guide,
MCWP3-33.6 Procedures for Humanitarian Assistance Operations in Joint and MS Environment,
MCWP3-35.3 Military Operations on Urban Terrain
SH21-76 Ranger Handbook, 1988 edition
STP7-11BCHM Infantry Skills Levels 2/3/4,
MOS11B,11C,11H,11M, 19JUN2000
TC23-11 Starlight Scope,11NOV66
TC90-1 Training for Military Operations in Urban Terrain
CALL-ST Streetfighting: The Rifle Platoon in MOUT
CALL-N00-7 Civil Disturbances
CALL-N99-16 Urban Combat Operations
CALL-N99-15 Information Operations
CALL-UP1 Urban Patrolling I
CALL-UP2 Urban Patrolling II
CALL-FLH Fighting Light/Heavy in Restricted Terrain
CALL-MDM The Use of Mortars During MOUT
CALL-MLR The Use of Multiple Launch Rocket System
CALL-OTN OWN THE NIGHT! - Small Unit Fighter Manual
A Case Study Examining the Application of Advanced Technologies in Modern Urban Warefare
MOUT2000 OWN THE NIGHT! - Small Unit Fighter Manual