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These newly-compiled collections of U.S. military and government manuals are the best and most comprehensive offerings ever made available to the public sector. Not to mention incredible values - complete army field manuals for as little as 14 cents each! Each selection contains carefully selected volumes, and includes the most popular and important titles in each field. Allows for easy viewing, searching, and printing. Requires Windows 95 or newer. (Not compatible with Macs.)

Includes over 100 detailed, illustrated military and manufacturer manuals on military small arms. Covers over 50 popular models, including the M16/AR15, AK47, M14, etc.

AK-47 US Army AK47 Operators Manual
AR700-2 Ammunition,10MAR89
AR-18 Armalite, AR18 Rifle, 5.56mm
TB700-2 DOD Ammunition & Explosive Hazards,05JAN98
BUSHMASTER Bushmaster Bullpup M17S
CARLGUST Carl-Gustaf, SMG, 9MM
S-UAR Steyr, Universal Assault Rifle, 5.56MM, Semi-Auto
DST-1160G-514-81-V1 DIA Small Caliber Ammunition Guide, Vol. 1, Cartridges up to 15MM,20AUG84
DST-1160G-514-81-V2 DIA Small Caliber Ammunition Guide, Vol. 2, Cartridges 20MM to 40MM,30AUG85
FN-49 FN Model 49, SL Rifle
FN-98 FN Model 98, Mauser, Rifle and Carbine, Operators Manual
FN-FAL FN Model FAL, Light Automatic Rifle, 7.62MM
FM3-23.30 Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals,01JUN2000
FM9-6 Munitions Support in the Battlefield, 20MAR98
FM9-13 Ammunition Handbook, 04NOV86
FM9-38 Conventional Ammunition Unit,02JUL93
FM9-207 Ops & Maintainance of Ordnance Material in Cold Weather, 20MAR98
FM17-12-8 Light Cavalry Gunnery, 16FEB99
FM23-5 US .30cal Rifle Manual
FM23-8 Convential M14/M14A1 7.62MM Rifle,
FM23-10 Sniper Training,
FM23-11 90MM Recoiless Rifle, 06JUL65
FM23-14 M249 LMG in Auto Rifle Role, 26JAN94
FM23-23 Antipersonnel Mine M18A/M18, 06JAN66
FM23-24 Dragon Medium Antitank Assault Systems, 03APR90
FM23-25 Light Anti-Armor Weapon, 17AUG94
FM23-27 MK19 40MM Grenade MG, M3,
FM23-30 Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals, 27DEC88
FM23-31 40MM Grenade Launcher, M203, 20SEP94
FM23-35 Combat Training with Pistols and Revolvers
FM23-41 M3 & M3A1 .45cal SMG
FM23-65 Browning Machine Gun, M2, .50cal, 19JUN91
FM23-82 M40A1 106mm Recoiless Rifle,
FM23-90 Mortars,01MAR2000
FM23-91 Mortar Gunnery,01MAR2000
GALIL Galil 5.56MM, Automatic Rifle, Models ARM,AR,SAR
LEE Lee Enfield No.1,Mk1 / No.3,Mk1 / No.4,Mk1 / No.5,Mk1
MAC MAC, M10SMG and M11SMG, Operating Manual
MOSIN Soviet, Mosin-Nagant, Rifle and Carbine,01MAY54
SB742-1330-39 Grenade, Rifle: Smoke,Colored,M22 Series
SB742-1330-40 Grenade, Rifle: Smoke,Colored Streamer,M23 Series
SIG9 Sig Sauer, Auto-loading Pistol, 9MM
STEN1 Sten, Carbine, Machine, 9mm, Mk1,2,3
STEN2 Sten, Carbine, Machine, 9mm, Mk2
TOKAROV Soviet Takarov Rifle and Carbine,01MAY54
TC7-9 Infantry Live-Fire Training, 30SEP93
TC9-56 SKS Rifle Type 56 Manual
TC23-2 66MM Rocket Launcher, 07APR78
TC23-11 Hand Held Starlight Scope, 17NOV66
TC23-13 Crew-Served Weapon Night Sighting,20JAN67
TC23-14 Sniper Training and Employment
TC25-8 Training Ranges, 25Feb92
TC25-10 A Leaders Guide to Lane Training, 26AUG96
TM05-5386-23 M16A2 5.56MM Rifle Manual (USMC),
TM9-206 MG34 German Machine Gun, 7.90MM
TM9-1005-206-14P/1 Revolver, Cal.38spec,S&W,
TM9-1005-206-14P/4 Operators Manual for Rifle, Cal.22
TM9-1005-211-34 Colt Pistol, .45cal, 22JUN64
TM9-1005-213-10 Machine Guns, .50CAL, Browning, M2, Heavy Barrel, 12JUL68
TM9-1005-222-12 M1 Garand
TM9-1005-222-35 M1 Rifle,
TM9-1005-223-12P M14 Rifle, 7.62MM, Maintenance Manual, w/Repair parts and Special Tools List
TM9-1005-223-20 Maintenance Manual for Rifle,7.62MM,M14 W/E & Rifle
7.62MM,M14A1,W/E& Bipod,Rifle,M2.01AUG72
TM9-1005-224-10 Operators Manual for MG,7.62mm,M60 W/E and MG,7.62mm,M60D W/E,02APR98
TM9-1005-226-14 Maintenance for Cal.22,HS,Auto,Pistol,Rugar MK1, .38Cal S&W, .30-06 Winchester Rifle
TM9-1005-233-10 Op.Manual for M73, M73A1, M219 Machine Guns
TM9-1005-249-10 Operators Manual for Rifle,5.56MM,M16 Rifle,5.56MM,M16A1,11FEB85
TM9-1005-249-12 M16 Rifle, 5.56MM,
TM9-1005-303-14 Riot Shotguns, 12G, 01JUN68
TM9-1005-317-10 Operators Manual for Pistol,SemiAuto,9MM,M9
TM9-1005-317-238 Pistol, SemiAuto, 9MM, M9, 01Jan86
TM9-1005-319-23P Maintenance & Repair Manual for Rifle,5.56MM,M16A2,M16A3,M16A4 & Carbine,5.56MM,M4,M4A1,350pp.01MAY91
TM9-1005-325-10 Op.Manual for Pistol, Compact, 9MM, M11
TM9-1005-306-10 M24 7.62MM Operating Manual,01JUN89
TM9-1010-205-10 Op.Manual for Launcher, 40MM, M79,
TM9-1015-200-10 Op.Manual for Mortar, 81MM, M29A1
TM9-1265-368-10-1 M62 Dragon Weapon System,Laser Engagement,Op.Manual,16AUG89
TM9-1275 M1, .30CAL Maintenance Manual,
TM9-1300-251-20P Maintenance Manual w/Repair Part/Special Tools for Rifle,Cal.30,Automatic,Browning,M1918A2
TM9-1340-214-10 Op.Manual for 66MM Light Antitank Weapon (LAW) System M72A1,M72A2 withCoupler,M72A3 and Practice Rocket Launcher M190 with M73 Practice Rocket,31MAY91
TM9-1425-484-10 Operators Manual for Dragon Weapon Guided Missile System,Surface Attack:M47 (MediumAntitank/Assault Weapon System),31JUL79
TM9-6920-363-12P Maintenance Manual w/Repair Parts/Special Tools for Cal.22 Rimfire Adapter for RIFLE, 5.56MM,M16&M16A1,62pp.01SEP80
TM1005A-10/1 Operators Manual for Pistol,Semiauto,9MM,M9
TM9-1440-433-24-1 Avenger: Air Defense Weapon System, Vehicle mounted,
TM43-0001-27 Army Ammunition Data Sheets for Small Arms
TM9-3071-1 60MM/81MM Mortars,01JAN58
KRAG1892 US Magazine Rifle & Carbine, Model 1892, .30Cal
P38 Walther P-38, 9MM, Auto, Pistol, Owners Manual, Models PP&PPK
WLS Walther SMG, 9MM, w/Folding Stock, Models L & S
PAM350-38 Standards in Weapons Training
PAM350-39 Standards in Weapons Training (Special Operations)

TM9-1005-223-34 Rifle, 7.62mm, M14 w/e and Bipod, Rifle: M2
TM9-1005-224-23P Machine Gun, 7.62mm, M60 w/e and Machine Gun, 7.62mm, M60D
TM9-1005-231-10 Machine Gun, Cal .50, Fixed, M85
TM9-1005-231-24&P Machine Gun, Cal .50, Fixed, M85
TM9-1005-249-23&P Rifle, 5.56mm, M16, M16A1