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Contains 36 military manuals and publications related to sniper training and marksmanship, including the complete Special Operations Target Interdiction Course.

ARTEP7-92-MTP MTP for the Infantry Scout Platoon/Squad and Sniper Team
FM3-97.6 Mountain Unit Operations (s/s FM90-6)
FM6-30 TTP for Observed Fire
FM6-121 TTP for Field Artillery Target Acquisition
FM7-93 Long-Range Surveillance Unit Ops
FM8-10-4 Medical Platoon Leaders HB TTP
FM17-98 Scout Platoon
FM21-26 Map Reading and Land Navigation
FM21-75 Combat Skills of the Soldier
FM21-76 Survival
FM23-8 Conventional M14/M14A1 7.62mm Rifle
FM23-10 Sniper Training and Employment
FM23-31 40mm Grenade Launcher, M203
FM24-18 Tactical Single Channel Communication Techniques
FM90-3 Desert Operations
FM90-4 Air Assault Operations
FM90-5 Jungle Operations
IS-500 Standards in Weapons Training
GTA7-1-43 Basic Rifle Marksmanship Coaches Checklist
GTA9-6-43 Rifle M16 Disassembly
GTA21-1-3 M16 Rifle Maintenance Card
TC23-11 Starlight Scope,Small Hand-Held Individual Weapon Mounted, No.6060
TC23-18 Night Observation Device, Medium Range
TM9-1005-249-10 Operators Manual for 5.56mm, M16, M16A1
TM9-1005-249-12 Operators Maintenance Manual for M16 Rifle, 5.56MM
TM9-1005-306-10 M24 Sniper Rifle, 7.62mm Operators Manual
TM9-1265-211-10 Op.Manual for MILES Simulator System for M16A1/A2 and M2149 SAW
TM055386-23 USMC:Op.Manual for M16A1 and M16A2 Rifle
SO-TIC Special Operations Target Interdiction Course: Sniper Training and Employment ?Exclusive
DA form7326-R Concealed Movement Exercise Scorecard
DA form7327-R Target Detection Exercise Form
DA form7328-R Range Estimation Exercise Scorecard
DA form7329-R Qualification Table #1 Scorecard
DA form7330-R Qualification Table #2 Scorecard
DA PAM350-38 Standards in Weapons Training
DA PAM350-39 Standards in Weapons Training (Special Ops)