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These newly-compiled collections of U.S. military and government manuals are the best and most comprehensive offerings ever made available to the public sector. Not to mention incredible values - complete army field manuals for as little as 14 cents each! Each selection contains carefully selected volumes, and includes the most popular and important titles in each field. Allows for easy viewing, searching, and printing. Requires Windows 95 or newer. (Not compatible with Macs.) MILITARY POLICE Contains 80 U.S. Army manuals and publications on military police training, techniques, and tactics. Topics include civil disturbances, investigations, physical security, escorts, internment, prisoner rights, etc. Disc includes: ARTEP19-100-10-DRILL MILITARY POLICE DRILL BOOK. 18 APR 2001 ARTEP19-313-10-MTP MTP for Echelons Above Corps, and Division Military Police Platoons (Cbt.Support), 01MAR2000 ARTEP19-313-30-MTP MISSION TRAINING PLAN FOR ECHELONS ABOVE CORPS (EAC), CORPS AND DIVISION MILITARY POLICE COMPANIES (COMBAT SUPPORT), 10 APR 1999 ARTEP 19-333-D-MTP MISSION TRAINING PLAN FOR DIGITAL DIVISION MILITARY POLICE PROVOST MARSHAL (HEAVY DIVISION), 15 OCT 2002 ARTEP 19-333-D10-MTP MISSION TRAINING PLAN FOR DIGITAL MILITARY POLICE PLATOON (HEAVY DIVISION). 15 OCT 2002 ARTEP 19-333-D30-MTP DIGITAL MILITARY POLICE COMPANY (HEAVY DIVISION), 15 OCT 2002 ARTEP19-472-MTP MTP for Military Police Brigade Combat Support and Interment/Resettlement and CID groups, 10APR99 ARTEP 19-476-MTP MISSION TRAINING PLAN FOR ECHELONS ABOVE CORPS (EAC) AND CORPS MILITARY POLICE BATTALIONS AND DIVISION PROVOST MARSHAL (COMBAT SUPPORT), 10 APR 1999 ARTEP19-546-MTP MTP for the HQ and HQ Company Military Police Battalion, 10APR99 ARTEP19-647-30-MTP MTP fo the Military Police Company (Escort Guard), 10APR99 ARTEP19-667-30-MTP MTP for the Military Police Company (Guard), 10APR99 ARTEP19-710-MTP MTP for the Military Police Detachment (Law and Order), 10APR99 ARTEP 19-886-MTP MISSION TRAINING PLAN (MTP) FOR THE MILITARY POLICE (MP) BATTALION (CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DIVISION [CID]). 02 MAR 2001 FM3-19.1 MILITARY POLICE OPERATIONS, 22 MAR 2001 , CHANGE 1, 31 JANUARY 2002 FM3-19.4 MILITARY POLICE LEADERS' HANDBOOK, 04 MAR 2002 , CHANGE 1, 2 AUGUST 2002 FM3-19.30 PHYSICAL SECURITY, 08 JAN 2001 , SS FM 19-30 FM3-19.40 MILITARY POLICE INTERNMENT/RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS, 01 AUG 2001 FM19-4 Military Police Battlefield Circulation Control,Area Security,and Enemy POW Ops, 07MAY93 FM19-10 Military Police Law and Order Ops, 30SEP87 FM19-15 Civil Disturbances, 25NOV85 FM19-20 Law Enforcement Investigations, 25NOV85 FM19-25 Military Police Traffic Operations, 30SEP77 FM19-30 Physical Security, 01MAR79 FM19-40 Enemy POW, Civilian Internees,and Detained Persons, 27EB76 FM19-60 Confinement and Correctional Treatment of US Military Prisoners, 27MAY86 GTA19-1-1B Miliary Police Code of Ethics, 20APR75 GTA19-4-3 Individual Protective Measures for Personal Security, 01JUL97 GTA19-5-1 How to Inform Suspect of Provisions of the Implied Consent Policy IAW190-5< BR> GTA19-6-6 How to Inform Suspect/Accused Persons of Their Rights, 03JUN91 GTA19-7-1 Enemy POW (EPW) Basic Commands, 01FEB89 MP0018 MILITARY POLICE INVESTIGATIONS, 01 AUG 1994 , EDITION C MP0100 RESERVE COMPONENT MPI SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS, 01 JUN 1993 , EDITION B MP1000 PHYSICAL SECURITY PLANNING, 01 MAR 1996 , EDITION C MP1001 INSTALLATION PHYSICAL SECURITY, 01 NOV 1995 , EDITION C MP1002 AREA SECURITY, 01 JAN 1996 , EDITION C MP1003 MATERIEL CONTROL, 01 MAY 1996 , EDITION C MP1004 CIVIL DISTURBANCE PLANNING, 01 MAR 1994 , EDITION C MP1005 Civil Disturbance Operations, 01MAR94 MP1006 LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS, 01 JAN 1994 , EDITION C MP1007 MILITARY POLICE CONTROLS (TACTICS, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES), 01 SEP 1995 , EDITION C MP1008 REPORTS AND FORMS, 01 AUG 1992 , EDITION B MP1016 TESTIMONIAL EVIDENCE, 01 SEP 1991 , EDITION A MP1017 THE MILITARY JUSTICE SYSTEM, 01 FEB 1996 , EDITION C MP1018 AUTHORITY AND JUSRIDICTION, 01 MAR 1994 , EDITION D MP1019 PRINCIPLES OF CRIMINAL LAW, 01 JUL 1996 , EDITION C MP1020 CONFESSIONS AND ADMISSIONS, 01 APR 1996 , EDITION D MP1021 SEARCH AND SEIZURE, 01 APR 1996 , EDITION D MP1022 LEGAL ASPECTS OF ECONOMIC CRIMES, 01 JUL 1993 , EDITION B MP1023 LAW OF WAR, 01 JUN 1994 , EDITION B MP1024 RELEASE OF INFORMATION AND THE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT, 01 JAN 1996 , EDITION C MP1025 The Army Correctional System, 15JUN99 MP1026 Custody and Confinement Procedures, 15JUN99 MP1027 Prisoner Administration and Programs, 15JUN99 MP1028 BATTLEFIELD CIRCULATION CONTROL: HASTY ROUTE RECONNAISSANCE, 01 MAR 1993 , EDITION C MP1029 BATTLEFIELD CIRCULATION CONTROL: MSR REGULATION AND ENFORCEMENT, 01 NOV 1996 , EDITION C MP1030 RIVER CROSSING OPERATIONS, 01 SEP 1994 , EDITION B MP1031 AREA SECURITY OPERATIONS, 01 JUN 1994 , EDITION B MP1032 ENEMY PRISONER OF WAR (EPW) AND CIVILIAN INTERNEE (CI) OPERATIONS, 01 DEC 1996 , EDITION C MP1033 MILITARY POLICE STATION OPERATIONS, 01 SEP 1990 , EDITION B MP2000 MILITARY POLICE OPERATIONS AND TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT, 01 MAR 1995 , EDITION C MP2002 SEARCH, SEIZURE, AND TEMPORARY STORAGE OF EVIDENCE AND CONTRABAND, 01 NOV 1995 , EDITION C MP2003 PROVOST MARSHALL OPERATIONS, 01 OCT 1992 , EDITION B MP2004 DIRECT PERSONNEL CONDUCTING INVESTIGATIONS, 01 MAR 1995 , EDITION B MP2005 APPREHENSION, INVESTIGATION AND INTERVIEWS, 01 APR 1992 , EDITION B< BR> MP2006 AREA SECURITY OPERATIONS, 01 SEP 1996 , EDITION C MP2007 MILITARY POLICE ORGANIZATION AND EMPLOYMENT ON BATTLEFIELD, 01 JUN 1996 , EDITION B MP2009 BATTLEFIELD CIRCULATION CONTROL OPERATIONS, 01 AUG 1996 , EDITION D MP2010 REAR OPERATIONS, 01 OCT 1996 , EDITION D MP2011 EPW/CI POLICY AND PROCEDURES, 01 OCT 1996 , EDITION D STP19-95C14-SM-TG Soldiers Manual and Trainers Guide: MOS95C Corrections Specialist Skills Levels 1,2,3,4 STP 19-95B1-SM SOLDIER'S MANUAL, MOS 95B, MILITARY POLICE SKILL LEVEL 1. 14 JAN 2003 TATS191-95C10(F) 95C10 Corrections I/R Specialist Conversion Course,10SEP98 TSP191-C-0001 Process Captives, 11MAY98 TSP191-C-0002 Employ Physical Security Plan, 08MAY97 TSP191-C-0003 Develop Unit Physical Security Measures, 08MAY98 TSP191-C-0005 Implement Basic Measures to Reduce your Vulnerabilities to Terrorist Acts/ Attacks, 01MAY98 TSP191-C-0006 Implement Measures to Reduce your Units Personnel and Equipment Vuolnerabilities to Terrorist Acts/Attacks,18JUN98